British Embassy

The British Embassy in Brasilia maintains and develops relations between the UK and Brazil. They also provide services to British nationals living in and visiting Brazil, including urgent assistance.

British Consulate-General SP

The British Consulate-General in São Paulo provide services to British nationals living in and visiting São Paulo, including urgent assistance.

Charitable Organisations

British Charitable Foundation - Fundação Britânica de Beneficência (FBB)

The FBB was set up and is maintained by the British community and, for this reason, has the British Society São Paulo as its principal ally and sustaining entity. Its work is divided in a number of Programs carefully developed and has engendered high impact and made a difference in the lives of innumerable elderly people that have needed, need, and will still need assistance throughout their lives. In this manner, the British community can retribute kindness to those who have done so much for us.


British Chamber of Commerce

 A national non-profit association, whose aim is to further British-Brazilian relations, encourage debate and develop business opportunities in the British and Brazilian business communities. Founded in 1916, Britcham has offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul and is the only chamber to have been recognised by both governments. 


BBC Brazil

 Operating for over 70 years in journalistic productions in Brazil, the British Broadcasting Corporation seeks to continuously integrate its newscasts to these times of globalization and digital communication.  


St. Paul's School

St Paul’s School is a world class school and the first South American School to be recognised by the UK government as a British School Overseas. With a bicultural and bilingual Anglo-Brazilian curriculum, it embraces both cultures and languages and has a strong set of shared values which shape and nurture the experience that the pupils enjoy. 

St. Francis College

St. Francis College aims to provide a secure and caring community where a multiplicity of needs and interests are catered for and where pupils are encouraged to aim for excellence in everything they undertake. To this end the School aims to develop a high degree of proficiency in both Portuguese and English and provide preparation for and to equip pupils with the skills needed to function in the complex society of the 21st Century.

St. Nicholas School

 Through an inquiry based international education in English, St Nicholas School develops responsible, confident and caring citizens of an ever-changing world. By setting high academic standards and celebrating cultural diversity, the School nurtures individual talents and embraces a shared passion for learning. 

The British College of Brazil

 The British College of Brazil believes in the whole child approach in education. By using agreeable and immersive educational experiences students acquire the National British Curriculum skills and are stimulated to advance beyond their potential, guided by principles of honesty, integrity, and respect for others. 

Carajás Scout Group

Carajás is the second oldest Scout Group of the State of São Paulo and one of the oldest in Brazil. It has its roots in the British and international communities and its tradition is to offer Scouting through the work of young volunteers that have been part of the Carajás Scout Group. 

British Council

Operating in Brazil since 1945, The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries, and builds trust between them through Education, English language, the Arts and cultural exchange. 

Cultura Inglesa

 Cultura Inglesa is one of the most traditional English teaching institutions that, through its methodologies, permits the students to experience English beyond the classroom and learn by much interactivity, innovation, art, and culture.  

The English Speaking Union

 The ESU is a unique global educational charity and membership organisation that brings together and empowers people of different languages and cultures. By building skills and confidence in communication, gives people the opportunity to realise their full potential. 


SP Athletic Club (SPAC)

 SPAC founded by British, plays an important part in bringing football to Brazil. To this day it is known for it spacious green grounds at the St. Amaro branch, where sports of all orts take place, including hosting the National Rugby team. The other branch is downtown reknowned by its several tennis courts. 

São Paulo Yacht Club (SPYC)

 O SPYC is a Sailing club of British origin. Situated in a privileged site, on the shores of the Guarapiranga reservoir, south of the city, the club has it own sailing school, pool and restaurant, and is also open to non-members during the week.

Visit Britain

Visit Britain has a unique role in raising Britain’s profile worldwide and its main mission is to grow the value of inbound tourism to Britain, working with a wide range of partners in both the UK and overseas. 

Tradition, Clubs & Societies

The Royal British Legion

 The Royal British Legion a benevolent charity which provides support to all members of the British Armed Forces past and present, and their families through welfare, comradeship and representation as well as being the Nation's custodian of Remembrance. 

St. Andrews Society of the State of São Paulo

The St. Andrew Society of São Paulo, founded in 1924, is a non-profit organisation made up of Scots, people of Scottish descent, and others of all nationalities who are friends of Scotland. It`s objective is to promote Scottish heritage and customs in Brazil through social, cultural and educational events.

St. Andrew Society Pipes & Drums

It was founded in 2009 by friends who wanted to play Scottish and martial music in a peaceful environment, with fun, transparency and camaraderie. It has an extremely solid base, with pipers, drummers and dancers who have experience and have participated in many International Championships.

SP Garden Club

 The São Paulo Garden Club, founded in 1939, is an international English-speaking club, whose aims are to share and stimulate interest in horticulture, floral design, environmental and civic responsibility. The Club comprises four groups, each of a maximum of 30 active members, each group meeting monthly.  

Salvation Army

 Under the motto “Heart to God and hand to man”, the Salvation Army, founded in London in 1865, is one of the largest social care providers in the world. 

Round Table Sao Paulo

The main aim of Round Table is fun and meeting people from all walks of life, as well as organising fund raising events and communiity activities.

British and Commonwealth
Society of RJ

 The BCS Rio brings together and support members and institutions of the British and Commonwealth community in Rio de Janeiro within a flourishing and well-organised philanthropic society that reaches out to the wider community. 

Ex-Pats & English Speaking Community

American Society of São Paulo

The American Society of São Paulo promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural, and athletic events for its diverse  membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy and volunteerism.

International Newcomer's Club of SP

 The INC of São Paulo is a social club for the International English-speaking community which main purpose is to help new arrivals become acquainted with the community, to facilitate social contacts, to share information and to provide activities for all members of the family. 


Anglican Diocese of São Paulo

 The Anglican Diocese of São Paulo, created in 1969, is one of the seven dioceses of the Episcopal Anglican Church in Brazil. It covers the entire State of São Paulo and the south of the State of Minas Gerais. All of its doctrine and liturgy are sustained by the Holy Bible.  

St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral

 The Anglican Cathedral in São Paulo offers spiritual assistance to all the English language community (British and International in São Paulo), taking the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to all the Brazilians who appreciate the inclusive, didactic, therapeutic and loving manner of proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of God.