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The British Society São Paulo is a philanthropic, non-profit organization whose primary objective is to support and care for the elderly in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, regardless of origin. We also provide social, medical and financial support to vulnerable British and Commonwealth citizens within this area. Our work depends exclusively on donations and your contribution would make a difference for us.


The individual donations are essential for the projects we support! Currently, we can receive them in 4 different ways. If you are interested on donating, please fill our Donors Form and follow the steps below. If you have any problems or doubts, feel free to contact us!

Payment Formats

Bank transfer

After filling our form, you can transfer or deposit your donation in our account:

Banco Bradesco
Ag. 7896 -4
Conta corrente 0000129-5
CNPJ: 60.478.344/0001-32
Titular: Fundação Britânica de Beneficência

Please scan your payment slip and email it to  If we can't identify your payment, it may fall under the “anonymous donation bag”.

PayPal and PagSeguro

Just click in the button below after filling our form:


Send your cheque to:

Fundação Britânica de Beneficência
Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 741 – Pinheiros
CEP 05.428-002 – São Paulo / SP

Boleto bancário / Banking billet

Just choose this option on the Donors Form. We'll receive your response and send you the boleto bancário according to your preferences.


Fiscal Incentives to Corporations under Lucro Real Regime

Brazil offers several tax incentive schemes to individuals and companies who donate to charities. For corporations who are taxed under the “Lucro Real” regime, they can deduct up to 2% of operational profit before considering the value of the donation.  They can do this by donating to registered charities qualified as a Civil Society Organization with Public Interests (OSCIP - Organizações da Sociedade Civil de Interesse Público).  FBB is qualified as an OSCIP.


1. Donor (Corporation) will make a bank transfer to FBB, the beneficiary

Bank details:

Banco Bradesco
Agência: 7896 -4
Conta corrente: 0000129-5
CNPJ: 60.478.344/0001-32
Titular: Fundação Britânica de Beneficência

2. FBB will provide donor (corporation) with a declaration form as a receipt of its donation. This form is an official template approved by the Secretaria da Receita Federal whereby the beneficiary comits itself to fully use the donated amount towards social objectives, including the name of the person responsible for carrying this out, and ensuring that no profits or bonuses or advantages be distributed to any directors, sponsors or associates in any form. Donor needs to keep this document in file for tax declaration purposes.


Corporate Social Responsibility Projects  

We are open to discuss projects for corporate partners who have Corporate Citizenship programs; to meet their social responsibilities related to improving standards of living and quality of life which are aligned with our Cause and what we can offer.



The Welfare team would be glad to receive donations in the forms of hygiene products used by our assisted residents at Stacey Wing. These would help us reduce our monthly costs.

Click here to refer to the list of products .

NB:  We cannot pickup donations.  All donations must be delivered to the office:

Att: Social Projects / Welfare
Fundação Britânica de Beneficência
Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 741, 1st floor – Pinheiros
CEP 05.428-002 – São Paulo / SP



We have been the honoured beneficiaries of inheritances in the past, of community members with a desire to share part of their fortunes with the wider community. This is a powerful way to leave a legacy, as can be exemplified by Mr. Ashworth (the name of our investment fund) and Ms. Stacey (who names our Stacey wing at Lar Elite up to this day). 

Click here for an article on the topic, printed in Spotlight no. 112 (2017 Jan/Feb issue).

For more information on this, please email or call the office on +55 11 3813 7080.



You have some spare time and would like to do some good - in English?

Join our team of Helping Hands.

At BSSP, we take great care in matching people's natural interests to the roles we need assistance with. We strongly believe motivation is key to keep a volunteer committed, whatever the cause may be.

Job roles we need assistance with:

  • Administrative;

  • Fund Raising

  • Event Organizing;

  • Writing articles for Spotlight News Bulletin;

  • Tutoring teenage students with Community Service projects;

and more!

If you are interested, please email or call the office on +55 11 3813 7080