The British Society São Paulo (former British and Commonwealth Community Council – BCCC) is a non-profit institution whose MISSION is to serve the British community, integrating its organisations and affording dignity to those who reside in the State of São Paulo. We understand dignity as social, medical, and financial support. 

Our objective is to serve as reference to as many as possible of the organisations connected to the British community in the State of São Paulo, strengthening them both individually and as a group. In this manner, we contribute to intensifying the sense of identity and belonging of our members.   

In order to achieve this we seek to align ourselves totally to the following VALUES:

1. Caring

We establish a strict connection with those whom we assist, attending them altruistically, generously, and with patience, according to our genuine desire to help our neighbour. 

2. Open

Our objective is to establish trustworthy relations, based on inclusion and openness in the manner in which we manage our activities, promoting partnerships and networking. 

3. Solidary

Not judging and being disposed to listen are part of the solidary manner with which we relate with the Community as well as having the perseverance to render high quality services.

4. Ethical

Our actions are ruled by transparency and honesty towards those assisted and towards the greater Community. 

Members of the british society são paulo
Prince Harry visiting the British Society SP
Queen's birthday party

Corporate Governance

Under the responsibility of an Administrative Council and a Fiscal Committee, the Corporate Governance of the British Society São Paulo seeks to define policies and directives so as to permit that the performance of their activities are aligned with their mission, vision and values, assuring the necessary transparency in their actions. 

The several activities of the British Society São Paulo are carried out by a group of professionals coordinated in an integrated manner by three Committees:  Welfare, Financial and Communication.


Present members of the Administrative Council

Andrew George Macdonald
Douglas Frederick Ferguson Munro
Andrew John Pacey
Derek Talbot Barnes

Michael Westcott Betenson
Rachel Louise Govier
Nicholas Dennis McCarthy

Matthew John Govier
Robert Donald Filshill
Marcos Roger Versteeg
Anthony Francis Bruce Jezzi

Board President
Board Vice-president
Board Treasurer
Board Secretary
Board member
Board member
Board member

Present Members of the Fiscal Committee

Stuart Richard Charles Duncan
Jeremy Nicolas Taylor
Susan Patricia Hawkins


British Society São Paulo
Company Name: Fundação Britânica de Beneficência
CNPJ: 60.478.344/0001-32

Fernanda Cristina Gonçalves – Social Services Coordinator
Ana Queren R. da Silva – Social Advisor
Sandra Guerrero Rios Pavani – Financial Supervisor
Ricardo Alexandre B. C. Rosado – Institutional Development Coordinator
Beatriz Araujo Dantas – Administrative Assistant

Public Registries
Organização de Sociedade Civil de Interesse Público (OSCIP)
Sistema de Cadastro e Prestação de Contas (SICAP)
Conselho Nacional de Assistência Social (CNAS)
Utilidade Pública Estadual