St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral - Obituary

Bishop Glauco was born in Pelotas, RS, on 28th January 1934 which means he would have celebrated his 84th birthday this year.

Although he was born into a Roman Catholic family, he became attracted to the Anglican Church and studied theology at the Anglican Theological Seminary in Porto Alegre. He was ordained Deacon at the end of 1956 and Priest in 1958.

He started his ministry in Rio Grande do Sul, then moved to Rio de Janeiro and finally came to São Paulo. In 1982, he became the first Brazilian Rector of St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

On 1st July 1989, he was ordained Bishop of the South Central Diocese of the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil which covered the states of São Paulo and Paraná. Between 1993 and 2003 he was Bishop Primate of the Church representing the Church nationally and internationally. After his retirement as bishop, Glauco continued to exercise his ministry here at St. Paul’s.

Glauco married his wife Helen Jane on the 27th February 1957 (over 60 years ago) and they were blessed with four children, Flávia, Eduardo, Gisele and Glaucia.

On the 26th December 2017, Glauco left this world to be with his Lord and Saviour. May he rest in peace.

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