Round Table Nº1 and Club 41 Brazil

Following on from my last article about the Round Table I would like to update you about our recent activity and one future event.

We held our traditional social event which is the Curry Night on the 24th of March, the invite to which is shown below:

RT Convite.jpg

The Curry Night was organised by the round table as a team and it was a great team effort that enabled us to make this event a success.

On the day along with myself we had 2 great chefs in the kitchen – David Gilman and Michael Lofthouse who really helped to make the curry night special.

We managed to produce 3 different curries (Beef Rogan Ghosht, Thai green curry with chicken and a lentil Dahl) along with some starters (barbecued chicken Satay and prawn crackers), indian style pilau rice, fresh naan bread, a Raita, 2 types of chutney and a lime pickle.

Please see below some photographs taken on the night.

We had an excellent turnout on the night and we managed to recruit a couple of new members for the Round Table.

The curry night as usual was very much enjoyed by all and it was suggested that we consider organizing a couple of curry nights a year!

Here in Sao Paulo for more than 60 years the ROUND TABLE NO1 AND CLUB 41 BRAZIL have organised events to raise funds for charity donations and our principal event to raise funds is the Brains of Sao Paulo quiz night.  We have not fixed a date or venue for this event as yet but it will happen in the 2nd half of 2018 so please watch out for further announcements from us re this traditional event to which we hope you can give us your support.

For more information about ROUND TABLE NO1 AND CLUB 41 BRAZIL please see the website below:

For anyone who is interested in joining us in any of the categories (Round Table, Club 41 or Ladies Circle) please feel free to contact us via the email address below;

Paul McMahon – Club 41 Brazil