Cultural Synopsis - The Charm of the Oldies

The Charm of the oldies returns with a new CD, ‘On Air’ with songs from 1963 to 65. All the songs were originally performed in pubs in 1960 and some of them had never been recorded. A selection of blues, rock and country, a sample of their twenty albums or more, for fans and newcomers. No need to say who they are!

Os Cariocas was founded in 1948 and ended in 2016. Some of the group and some others got together again as ‘Quarteto do Rio’, here with Mr. Bossa Nova, Roberto Menescal and their new recording of songs like ‘O Barquinho’, ‘A Morte de um Deus de Sal’ and Bye, bye, Brasil’. Menescal recorded another CD,  ‘Bossa Nova Meets the Beatles’, a daring venture loved by some, hated by others but very fresh and exciting. The past revisited and presented with a new look. Worth listening to.

‘Através da Iris’, with the acclaimed actress Nathalia Timberg, interpreting the American interior designer and fashion icon, Iris Apfel (96), will be on in July at Teatro Porto Seguro, Alameda Barão de Piracicaba, 740, Campos Eliseos, T. 32267300, a small theatre with a gourmet café and parking. Miguel Falabella, actor and director brings the musical ‘Annie’ to Teatro Santander (Vila Olímpia-WT JK) T. 40032051 in August. Falabella has a vast knowledge of theatre in general, a good eye for staging different styles having produced a series of outstanding plays. Wait for early comments by critics then mark it in your agenda.

The 25th edition of the São Paulo Book Biennale  (Anhembi) will also take place in August. One says people, and mainly young people, don’t read any more but surprisingly, trendy bookshops are full of people sitting around leafing through or devouring books.

There was a time when people said that television would put an end to cinemas. On the contrary. Cinemas, although hideously expensive, have become an important outing and a must for most people in town.

Festival Palco Giratório brings plays from all over Brasil to the SESC stages in August. There is probably a SESC near you. It is always an interesting experience to watch Fringe Theatre.

After so much art, try ‘Casa Plana’ in Vila Madalena (R. Fradique Coutinho, 1139 – T.30978304), opens Tue-Fri, 10h to 20h /Sat, 14h to22h. The independent publisher, Bia Bittencourt opened this cultural space, a library with 4000 books,  magazines, a café, a bookshop and a film club, offering exhibitions, talks, readings, courses, workshops in design and literature, and disco. All in one place! Pick and Choose.

Christina Thornton