The Anglican Institute

The Instituto Anglicano (Anglican Institute) is the philanthropic arm of the Cathedral which runs creches to take care of underprivileged children while their mothers go out to work. There are four creches in the city of São Paulo and, more recently, another four have been opened in the interior of the state, associated with the Anglican Churches in Botucatu and São Manoel.

These creches have 126 people working to take care of the 1240 children entrusted to them. As most of the children arrive early in the morning and only leave in the late afternoon, they are given 5 meals or snacks while they are there. Often, this is the only food they get. The Cathedral is in the process of setting up an orphanage to support children who have been abandoned by their parents.

Although the creches receive some support from the municipalities, money is raised by spontaneous donations to the Instituto and through fund raising events such as the Clothing Sale, Christmas Bazaar and the Festa Junina. It is important to note that good clothes not sold at the clothing sale at the Cathedral are sent to Botucatu and São Manoel where they also organise clothing sales.


This year nearly 10 thousand people came to the Festa Junina which was held on 31st May.