Elite residents attend Theatre Premiere

On Thursday November 30th, residents and carers from Elite had the pleasure of seeing some of their regular visitors from St. Francis College performing on stage. Students Konsta Karavitis, Arthur Rodrigues and Luiz Felipe França were the lead characters in a sardonic comedy called “Out at Sea” written by Polish playwright Slawomir Mrozek in 1960. 

The Elite guests were welcomed with cakes and sandwiches, and a proper cup of tea, served by some of the St. Francis students, in the school’s dining hall. Afternoon tea also set the theme of the play.

The story of the play is that there are three men out at sea on a raft after their ship is wrecked, and they have run out of food. They must decide which one of them is to be eaten. How they make that decision is the substance of this biting political satire. It is both a play utterly of its time – when the Soviet Union dominated all of eastern Europe, including Poland – and also much more widely relevant.

Elite had front row seats in the St. Francis Pinheiros auditorium, very close to the actors, so that they could almost touch them. The actors spoke their lines very clearly, and their audience responded with laughter and surprise, and were even a little shocked. A thought-provoking entertainment!

Arnold Drenth

Head of Drama

St. Francis College

2017.11.30 - Out at Sea Premiere.jpg