São Paulo Yacht Club opens the Sailing Season


Opening Regatta: 4th February, 2018


The São Paulo Yacht Club or “SPYC”, was the first sailing club of the state of São Paulo, and celebrated 100 years in 2017. As the pioneer of sailing in São Paulo, it was also the first to start racing and organizing regattas at the Guarapiranga lake. Some of these regattas became very prestigious and traditional, with beautiful cups and trophies, and are part of the club’s annual championship (13 cups along the year) some of these cups (like the Foster & Knowles cup) from the early twenties, are still part of the annual championship.

Since sailing grew around the lake and other clubs and marinas appeared, the club also hosted bigger events, such as state championships, national championships and even south American Championships, with sailors coming from all over to compete. But it is for the Regata de Abertura that the club is most known for as it is one of the biggest and most prestige regattas of the state of São Paulo and maybe even Brazil given the size and importance of São Paulo in the Brazilian sailing community.

The Regata de Abertura  is the first official Regatta of the São Paulo Sailing Federation (FEVESP). Organized and hosted at SPYC. To this grand event, all clubs, sailors, sailboats and enthusiasts are invited. Some editions had more than 250 boats participating, making it one of the biggest sailing events of the country. Many Olympic medalists, world champions, Pan-American champions have participated.

For this event, the club is open to the public and anyone can come and be part of such party. To register for the regatta each competitor should bring 2kg of nonperishable food (which is donated to a social entity), and the registration form filled. Details will come, keep an eye at: www.spyc.com.br

SPYC is also very thankful to all sponsors that make this an event possible, such as Cultura Inglesa who has supported the regatta over many years.