2018 Quaich, Mackenzie Trophy and Sassenach Medal

The St Andrews Society Golf Team held its annual combined Quaich, Mackenzie Trophy and Sassenach Medal at the São Fernando Golf Club on Tuesday, 20 November 2018.

The Quaich has been a traditional match between Scotsmen of “unquestionable” lineage and played uninterrupted since 1934; the Mackenzie Trophy, open to eligible lady golfers is sponsored by Adrian and Debbie Mackenzie; the Sassenach Medal, (a humorous term coined by former captain Brian Fulford), is open to all eligible gentlemen golfers of impeccable pedigree (i.e. “non”- Scots) who have been excluded from disputing the Mackenzie Trophy solely on the basis of gender! Since these three matches are played simultaneously and the outcome known only at the very end of contention, it makes for a very enjoyable if not suspenseful day of fun and golf.    

After heated competition the 84th Quaich was finally wrested from the hands of the former five time champions Mr. Graham Wallis and Mr. Stuart Duncan by Mr. John McNaughton, a two time former winner and captain of the St Andrews Team with 32 pts. The engraved trophy presented by Mr Stuart Duncan, last year´s winner and a superb golfer in his own right, was filled to the brim with the contents of a bottle of Scotland´s finest Malt and then passed round from player to player until drained to the last drop. Lady players and the less hearty were offered the option of drinking from crystal tumblers straight or with a dash of water! (See photos). 

The Mackenzie Trophy, a handsome engraved silver salver, was won by Ms. Elena Sung with a remarkable 39 points! The Sassenach Medal (a mini Quaich) was awarded to South African chiropractor, Dr. Chris Ananiadis, with an impressive 35 pts., longest drive and nearest to the pin to the honorable Stuart Duncan.

After the prizes were awarded and dinner served, a special mention was made to the Captain of the Royal British Legion Team, Mr. Crispin Rowe, present, for allowing his members to participate unimpeded and despite applicable gender and tribal barriers! Toasts were made to St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, Robert Burns, Poet Laureate of Scotland (by the Scots), John Keats Poet Laureate of England (by the Sassenachs) and Mary Stuart, the first female golf martyr (by the Lassies). The dates for next year´s 85th Quaich, Mackenzie Trophy and Sassenach Medal will be announced shortly and all are encouraged to take part in these memorable golfing events. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

John F. McNaughton - Captain, St Andrews Team 2018    

Photos by Eileen Wallis