The St. Paul’s Foundation is opening its doors for scholarship programme

Frequently, the journey to success is set on a road that, no matter how hard and long it is, presents opportunities. It’s that kind of sense of being at the right place at the right time, finding someone or an environment that allows you to show your potential and prove your abilities.

For almost a century, St. Paul’s School has been that place for many children in São Paulo. It offers a rich and holistic education through a bicultural and bilingual Anglo-Brazilian curriculum and an approach that values tradition, but is always looking forward. It was the first institution in Latin America to be recognized as a British School Overseas by the British Government and it’s one of the few international schools that offers the IB programme. This all places the school in a sharp position as part of this high-quality education network, and immerses the pupils in an environment with top class facilities to prepare them for an exciting life in Brazil and abroad.

A tough social and economic background can be a barrier to many of those that pursue success through education, and the type of resources mentioned above are rarely available to them.  The St. Paul’s Foundation believe that there are gifted children in Brazil with potential that might never be realised through lack of opportunity.  Our mission is about opening the doors of St. Paul's School to these young people. Through a strong Scholarship Programme, we aim to fund a minimum of two scholars per year to complete their education. 

The past scholars: our heritage above and beyond

Former scholars are now living the future they dreamed of when they joined the St. Paul’s through the scholarship programme. Emiliano now attends Stanford University, in California, USA. Back in 2014, the 15-year-old boy that lived in Uberlandia, a small town at the countryside of Minas Gerais, applied for the IB entrance scholarship. Four years later, he points to the transformation he underwent during the two-year programme at St. Paul’s. “Everything changed with the school – between me at St. Paul’s and me now at Stanford. Everything is connected through St. Paul’s and because of St. Paul’s I’ve felt a lot more prepared to face whatever comes next”.

Before studying at St. Paul’s, Emiliano was registered in a small private school and had a very different educational routine: he studied under the Brazilian curriculum and had no extra-curricular activities. Plus, he had never lived in a big city. That all changed after being granted the scholarship and he and his mother decided to move to São Paulo. It’s not difficult to imagine that the change of environment shocked him, and he highlights how surprising it indeed was – but in a different way: “I don’t think I’ve ever been so welcomed: everyone at the school was interested in getting to know me – my peers, the staff. It made me feel like I belonged there.” He’s had an outstanding history as a Lion and now, as a computer science student in a very prestigious American university, he takes this heritage abroad.

The next scholars: younger and driven

For the 2020 entry, The St. Paul’s Foundation open its doors to even younger children to apply for the scholarship programme: our scholars will be at least 13 years old and will have a pre-requisite level of academic and English language skills, in addition to their special talent in music, sports or arts. We are looking for excellent students who have the right attitude, drive and commitment to benefit from the opportunities offered by the scholarship programme and to contribute to the school.

If you happen to know anyone that meet these criteria and could be a potential candidate, you can let us know by sending an email to We look forward to hearing from you!