More than a glimmer of hope

Dr. Michael Smith has begun this year with some optimistic news about a new drug that can delay and minimize the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. But, alas, Alzheimer’s can’t (yet?) be cured.

Since Alzheimer’s and other dreaded forms of dementia are expected to reach epidemic proportions in an increasingly ageing population, anything to help keep our minds functioning better and longer is certainly good news! Whilst stressing that the research is still in its early stages, he recommends that we do our best to prevent the onset of the disease by living a healthy lifestyle, described in his article in this edition of Spotlight.

One of his suggestions: “getting plenty of exercise”, prompts me to remind readers of my recent “Walkie-Talkie” invitation. Although it has been very hot recently, I have already started walking with one friend on Wednesday mornings, and by the time you read this I hope the weather will have cooled down enough to encourage more of you to join us.

Of course, we need more than physical exercise for our brains to function at their full potential.We need mental exercise too!

The stimulation of pursuing meaningful and/or enjoyable activities, and even coping with a limited amount of stress,can help keep our brains active and alert. Although too much stress can make our brains feel exhausted and foggy, we need to get out of our comfort zones from time to time in order to keep our neurons firing.

My glimmer of hope is that the “Talkie”part of the “Walkie-Talkie” project will benefit our brains as well as our bodies. I hope it will stimulate some interesting conversations and expand our social circles. And, above all, I hope it will be fun!

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