The Conviviality Centre, our new project for the elderly, is back again in 2019!

The year has just began and we are already working hard for our projects. And we have great news: The Conviviality Centre, our new project for the elderly, is back again in 2019!

The evaluation we received from the elderly, users of our Conviviality Centre, was extremely positive. Theproject that we inaugurated in October 2018 received an overall rating of 4.92 on a scale from 1 to 5. This was the same score received by the Fundação Britânica staff that was responsible for managing the activities.

During the two months in which the Centre was operating we received 39 elderly people who had a very high attendance rate and who manifested high approval ratings of our activities. For this reason, we are pleased to confirm the continuity of this project for the elderly in 2019!

I will not dwell on the positive results we had, but I made the report available online. Just visit this link to see it in Portuguese:

For the time being we will keep the project in the same format, offering free activities 3 mornings a week. However, there is a great desire to expand this project for the elderly in 2019.

We are studying possibilities of opening the Conviviality Centre on another 1 or 2 days with new activities that work with other physical and mental abilities. We also want to start the project in a second place, and will be seeking partners to help us get this idea off the drawing board.

As we already mentioned on previous articles, the Centre is open for everyone in the community and we can help with transportation arrangements. Just call us at the office or send a message by e-mail and we will be delighted to address any doubts you might have regarding our work at FBB.

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