Letter from America

Readers who have lived in the United Kingdom might remember listening to the weekly “Letter from America” on BBC radio. It was my favorite programme when I lived in England, which explains the title of this article as I am in America as I write this. However, I will be back in São Paulo before the next Spotlight reaches your home (or computer) so please get back in touch. I miss you all, and NEED feedback if these articles are to be of any use to the British Society.

Being away from home is a great way to see life in a new perspective, and I always return full of good intentions! Since leaving I have read various emails and text messages detailing some of the wonderful work the “Fundação” has been doing, especially for the elderly members of our community. Congratulations to the (almost) anonymous individuals who spend so much time and effort working in the background. Congratulations to all of you!

In addition to Dr. Michael Smith’s excellent advice on nutrition and exercise, perhaps all I can add is to say that one of the best ways to remain happy and healthy is to live a life of purpose. Pleasure just for pleasure’s sake is short lived, but the feeling of doing something that is both pleasurable and worthwhile provides us with lasting satisfaction, even when no one else notices. What other people think of us really doesn’t matter, but our sense of self-worth is priceless. I have always admired the great modern philanthropists such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates, but we don’t need to be rich or famous to do good and live well. Even the smallest act of kindness does marvels for our souls.

Talking of souls brings me back to my role in the community. Anyone who feels the need to speak to someone in confidence can contact me in the assurance that I have the training, qualifications and experience to listen without judgement. I don’t give direct advice but aim to help individuals discover their own, unique, path to lasting happiness. All I expect in lieu of payment is a donation to be given directly to the “Fundação”.

For further information or feedback please contact PenelopeFreeland@gmail.com.