Editorial - Spotlight nº 122 - September & October 2018

As promised in our last edition of Spotlight we are happy to publish some of the photos sent to us by the British Society of the recent celebration of  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth´s Birthday celebration sponsored by the British Society. The Society would like to thank all the sponors for their generous donations and prizes which greatly added to the success of the event. A report on the event is included in this edition.

We are now half way through 2018, and I must return to our ongoing appeal for those who wish to receive the hard copy of Spotlight.  Many have already signed up for the appeal of R100,00 for a years supply,  and we should like to thank you sincerely for this support.  However, there are still many who are receiving our copy but have not , for various reasons, contributed. As I have mentioned in all the previous editions your support releases funds which can help others.  If you have any doubts please contact our office.

We have survived Carnival, the World Cup and now we have the Presidential  and local elections, which should be , to say the least, exciting! Lots of activities on our Community front to keep us busy..keep an eye on the calendar.

Derrick Marcus

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