Remembrance Day Service

The annual Remembrance Day Service will be held at 10 am on Sunday, November 11th at St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral, Rua Com. Elias Zarzur, 1239 and we hope you can join us in this special service marking the centenary of the end of the First World War.

 As in prior years the Cathedral technical staff will organize live television coverage and if you live outside the city of São Paulo and/or cannot make it to the service on the day you will be able to watch it on


As the years go by, and the two World Wars become remoter in time, the importance of our remembering and celebrating the sacrifices of the millions who surrendered their lives in order to save democracy and freedom for the succeeding generations is ever greater.

This year being the centenary of the end of the First World War the Royal British Legion is saying a special Thank You to all who served, sacrificed and changed our world.

 We also remember the sacrifice made by the thousands of British and Commonwealth service people who have died in the subsequent conflicts that have taken place since the First World War including of course the Second World War.

 As usual, the Commonwealth countries, whose soldiers, sailors and airmen, travelled great distances from relatively safe home countries, together with those brave volunteers from the community in Brazil who did the same, will be represented along with the allied countries including Brazil and the USA.

THE POPPY APPEAL is one of the principal sources of the funds which the RBL needs to provide help to and defend the interests of serving men and women, and, as is the case with us in Brazil, provide help to ex-service people and their dependants, when in need. Poppies will be on sale at the door of the Cathedral on the day and are also available in the schools and community locations prior to the service. We hope that you will give as generously as you can.  Part of what you give will be remitted to RBL Headquarters in London, and part added to our local Welfare funds.

Following the service there will be the customary reception downstairs at the back of the church.

We recommend that you all arrive early enough to park and take your seats before the service commences at 10 am.

Paul McMahon

President Royal British Legion Sao Paulo Branch