Sweat, Samba and Smiles at the Carna SPAC

It was a warm Saturday on February 3rd, full of debuts at the lovely SPAC Santo Amaro, our Country Club, neighbouring the Guarapiranga Dam in São Paulo.

SWEAT - The day began with SPAC’s cycling team arriving from SPAC Town, located 22 km away, in the region of Consolação, a challenging but worthy ride. Sixteen adventurers completed this task and many of them had no problems pedalling all the way back!

The opening of the football and rugby pitches then took place at 9:00, with amazing internal tournaments for the youth and adult football teams, attracting more than 80 players of all ages; fun and dynamic training sessions for the whole rugby division for both genders – even a fancy dress touch rugby match was played, as an introduction to what was going to be on display later in the day. Our brave warriors proved they are ready to run out and honour the history of SPAC on the grass fields this year.

SAMBA - To celebrate such efforts, a delicious feijoada (also with a vegan recipe as an option), caipirinhas and premium beers were offered to the “foliões” for the launching of the first edition of CARNA SPAC. Samba was played all afternoon by Mr. Tobias, Mrs. Elisete and their band, coming directly from samba school Vai-Vai, bringing all club members and guests to the terrace’s dance floor, while slight rain showers poured from time to time cooling down the weather. DJ Carioca completed the party, playing until sunset.

All 200 commemorative CARNA SPAC shirts, our “abadás”, were sold out, and could be customized by their lucky owners – an activity that especially delighted our lady guests.

Meanwhile, SPAC kids were enjoying their own fancy dress Carnival under the arbor next to the swimming pool, full of music, confetti and fun.

SMILES - Sport, laughs, good food and dancing provided a great time for all our members and friends, who most enjoyed that first Saturday of February.  We are already looking forward to the CARNA SPAC 2019 edition!

Our special thanks to our sponsors Cerveja Coruja, Camisaria Fascynius and all SPAC employees, that were essential to such success!