Editorial - Spotlight nº 118 - January & February 2018

Welcome to the first issue of the 2018 Spotlight. As in the past, our January issue is delivered much later than we would like due mainly to our printers' holidays. We apologise for this delay.

The hard copy version of Spotlight versus the online digital version has been the subject of concern for some time in relation, given the overall costs of the magazine. The British Society recognises the importance of Spotlight as a means of communication with its members, but feels if it could liberate the costs of production this would help maintain the focus of the Society on the important contribution to the welfare help to our community.

We believe the hard copy version of Spotlight should continue. We are therefore appealing to all of our readers to help us continue by contributing R$ 100,00 for one year. Details of how you can contribute are included in this issue.

The Fundação Britânica de Beneficência held its Annual General Meeting at the Brazilian British Centre in December. We will be publishing more details in our next issue.

Our regular proof reader Alison was traveling and so I am grateful to Alan Marcus for his review of this issue.

On behalf of all of us at Spotlight and the British Society, I wish our readers and contributors a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2018!

Derrick Marcus

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