2018 Pet Show

We are beginning  the preparations for this year´s Pet Show, to be held at the Church on August 18. Last year it poured with rain but was a huge success!

The Diretoria hopes that all the wonderful helpers who have helped over the years will once again step forward on the day. The Associação is in good financial condition, thanks to our admirable Treasurer, Tommi Alhgrimm.

The shelter is in good order and, every week, Dra. Chang neuters and spays 30 to 40 animals at no cost. This is our principal activity, which we consider essential to reducing the number of abandoned and unwanted animals.We also have cute healthy puppies and young dogs and cats to be adopted, and the shelter is open to the public on weekday, afternoons.

Our Administrator Lena is there every day and does all the receiving and delivering of animals, answers all the phone calls in the afternoon, does the accounts and all the legal procedures with the municipality as they arise. Lena is legally retired but continues to work full time.

We have two vets who attend on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. However, we now recognize a need to expand our activities in order to take advantage of the large property we have .

The land, 8000 sq. mts., was donated to the Associação in perpetuity by Agnes McLaughlin in 1960, for the use and care of animals. We have a well-maintained base with two surgery rooms, kennels and a cattery. We would welcome practical ideas to use this property, wherby our Association could work along the line of Battersea Dogs and Cats’ Home!

Please contact Thomas Ahlgrimm or Lula Reed with ideas, if you are willing to help to implement them. And please come to the PET SHOW on Saturday, August 18. We look forward to seeing you all, with your special four-footed friends.

Lula May Reed

Pet Show.jpg