Cultural Synopsis - Vineyards & Wineries

Wine lovers and others who  celebrate the New Year tasting good wine, without spending much, will  be surprised that, even in São Paulo, there are listed wineries which have won international prizes. Those who are not in for drinking wine will certainly enjoy the landscape, history and beauty of many of the places listed here. Let’s start on this special trip to the São Paulo vineyards.


  • One of the largest vineyards is Guaspari on a 50 hct area in  the town of  Espírito Santo do Pinhal, 190 km from São Paulo.  The coffee landscape has been preserved, marrying perfectly with the production of wines. Visiting: T. (19)36619191 (R. Pedro Ferrari,300, Espírito Santo do Pinhal -

  • The Marchese Vineyard sits on a small property with a simple and cozy atmosphere. It has a visiting programme that includes walks between grapevines .It also includes harmonized tasting of the labels produced there. This is a tour of quality and beauty. (Eliphio Perez Quereza, km 21, Ituverava).

  • The Terrassos Vineyard is a walking option for wine lovers who want to admire an incredible landscape and eat well. The place is 850 metres above sea level with an incredible view, and the winery serves good pasta, as well as the house wine and is great value for money. There is also a guided  winery and tasting tour. (Rodovia SP-352 - Amparo-Itapira, Km 137). Quinta do Olivardo is a traditional and well-liked establishment. The place serves typical Portuguese food and is famous for making a delicious ‘pastel de Belem’ (sweet) served warm to customers. In addition, the space offers table grapes, wine tasting  and special recreation for children. Ideal for a day trip and lunch. (Estrada do Vinho, km 04 – São Roque – São Paulo)

  • Vinícola Góes is one of the most traditional vineyards of São Paulo and also one of the best known providing its own wines and a pasta restaurant, on spacious grounds with a fish pond, a great programme for a family outing. (Visiting vineyards on weekends, only). (Estrada do Vinho, km 9 – São  Roque –São Paulo

  • Palmeiras Vineyard  is the ideal itinerary for those who look out for something different, without spending much. There is a charming restaurant at reasonable prices where one finds good options of pasta and cheeses with local wine tasting. There is some old machinery to be seen and a lot of history about the winery. (Estrada do Vinho, km 10 – São Roque – São Paulo). Bella Quinta offers premium homemade wines of unique flavours and quality labels. (Estrada do Vinho, 9611 – São Roque – São Paulo).

  • Bella Aurora Wines was founded in 1920 by Portuguese immigrants and has been in commercial production for over 80 years. (Rodovia Raposo Tavares, km 56.5 – São Paulo). Canguera Vineyard. There is a museum with vintage machinery, a shop and lunch area in charming surroundings. (Estrada do Vinho, km 8 – São Roque – São Paulo).

  • Vinhos  Real D’Ouro was founded in 1919. It is known for the best Port Wine in Brazil. The space offers an incredible Wine Museum, where the customer has access to all the machinery used in the production , as well as a restaurant and wine tasting.  (R. São Judas Tadeu, 1183 - São Roque – São Paulo).

Cristina Thornton