Ichimoku Charts: An Introductionion to Ichimoku Kinko Clouds

By Nicole Elliott                                                        

Published by Harriman House Ltd                           

Paperback L29,99/ E book L19,99

You have probably never heard of Ichimoku Charts. Until the first edition of this book was published some  ten years ago, Ichimoku charting, or cloud charting, has gone from being used exclusively by Japanese traders to now being used by traders worldwide.

The book, wich is the the second edition, explains in details how to construct these cloud charts, and more importantly, how to interpret them.  It is fully illustrated and goes through various examples of chart analysis

Today, candlestick charts play an important role in technical analysis, world wide.  The book develops the history of  charting, and  is a book to make you think outside the box about different ideas of analysis.

The book’s author is Nicole Elliot, a former St Paul´s student, graduate of the London School of Economics and a member of the Society of Technical Analysis. She writes regularly as The Trader for Investors Chronicle.