BUILDINGS to see and admire and at some stage a scrumptious meal to crown it all!

Lina Bo Bardi’s  CASA DE VIDRO, built in 1951 on 7.000m² in the Morumbi area used to be a place of reunion where people like John Cage, van Eyck, Glauber Rocha, Max Bill, Steinberg, Gio Ponti met the couple Lina and Pietro for cultural, social and ideological discussions. Nowadays it holds the Institute Bo Bardi and receives visitors, university students and research scientists from all over the world to divulge its architecture, design, besides urbanism and pop art. It contains furniture, works of art, documents, 7.500 drawings by Lina and 15.000 photos.Guided visits Thu-Sat at 10h, 11h30, 14h, 15h30. R. General Almerio de Moura, 200-Morumbi. R$30,00. Information and reservation:

CASA DA IMAGEM, built in 1880, former House nº 1 on Rua Roberto Simonsen, 136 B-(T.3106-5122) holds an iconographic collection of 84.000 recently restored and digitalized photos. A project to get to know and value São Paulo of the past without disqualifying São Paulo of the present days, is under way. The house holds fantastic history, having once being a house of health baths, then a hotel and much more. Besides the museum, there are special weekend events. for information and visiting.

RED BULL STATION on Praça da Bandeira137 T3107-5065 Tue-Sat 11h-20h. The place, as it is nowadays, was inaugurated in 2013, five storeys high and a terrace with a great view. When there is no specific show, entrance is free of charge.  Modern ambience in an antique and elegant building. The bar offers special drinks and snacks and there is a mouth watering buffet. It is possible to park nearby on Rua Santo Amaro.

CASA DE FRANCISCA on Rua Benjamin Constant, 122, corner with Rua Quintino Bocaiuva, 22- T.  3052-0547 was the Palacete Teresa built in 1910, Radio Record, Publishers Irmãos Vitale, then the famous Casa Bevilacqua for music, scores and instruments  which was later called Casa Amadeus, on the musical corner of downtown São Paulo, and once restaured, it opened in 2017 as a multicultural centre with concerts, plays  and restaurant and a buffet which varies from day to day (enter the site for details).

MEMORIAL DA RESISTENCIA, Largo General Osório, 66- Luz, Tue-Sun, 10h to 18h (T. 3335-4990) It was built from 1910 – 1914 and re-opened as a museum in 2009. It is a reference centre, preserving memory, regularly collecting testimonies, opening exhibitions, acting      educationally and culturally.

CASA BOLA on Rua Amauri, 352 – (call 3032-3727 to book a visit), built in 1974  by the architect  Eduardo Longo, it is spherical, 8m in diameter,  135m² and sits on top of his own house . For more images and building details, google into Casa Bola/Dicas São Paulo, a site worth a visit. These are some of the houses one may not even know exist and are open to visitors. There are many more like the Edifício Martinelli, Casa de Dona Yaya, Casa das Rosas, Vila Maria Zelia among others.

Christina Thornton