St. Paul's School's Project Gold

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Project Gold is an initiative entirely instigated and led by a group of pupils at St. Paul’s who want to promote and support the inclusion of para-athletes in sports in Brazil and around the world. They have set up a partnership with NGL Cria Brasil and support them by fundraising through events and the sale of merchandise.

On 30th March, the pupils hosted a competitive fundraising event with activities such as running, mini-golf and pique-bandeira for parents, children and par-athletes! Edmar Souza, Sara Midiã and Fernando Rocha joined us representing CRIA Brasil, and were able to interact with pupils and their families. Approximately R$12,000 reais was raised through the sale of t-shirts, bags and bottles designed by our pupils, as well as generous donations.

The money will go towards CRIA Brasil and help their para-athletes with training materials, hiring of professionals and the development of the NGO in general. The event was the perfect start to St. Paul’s School’s annual equality and kindness week, where pupils have the opportunity to reflect on questions related to diversity and many things they take for granted.

This year we were delighted to be joined by Paralympian and diversity champion Claire Harvey MBE, one of the keynote speakers at our last education conference, who has led pupils, staff and parents to reflect on the importance of being kind and treating others as equals. (Project Gold would like to thank everyone who participated in our event! Our group’s members and CRIA Brasil’s para-athletes were and still are all extremely grateful for all of the support!) For more information about Project Gold contact them through their email or follow them on Instagram @projectgoldgroup.

Lina Doherty