São Paulo Amigo do Idoso

Did you know that the State of São Paulo has a Programme called SP Amigo do Idoso that involves intersecretariat action focused on protection, education, health and participation of the elderly population?

One of the main initiatives of this Programme has been to create the Age-Friendly City Stamp that has as its objective to stimulate cities as well as public and civil society organisations to implement actions for the Third Age that can serve a reference for the State.

The Stamp has 3 levels (initial, intermediary, and plenary), each one with clearly defined criteria and goals that must be fulfilled by cities in the State of São Paulo.

Of the approximately 650 municipalities in São Paulo, 641 have joined the Program, and 267 have already obtained the Initial Seal. Of these, 3 have already achieved the Intermediate Seal: Caraguatatuba, Fartura and Guaratinguetá. And 2 have already reached the Plenary Seal: Pedreira and Ribeirão Grande.

Our capital obtained its Initial Seal in December 2018 and established, in its target plan, that it will obtain the Intermediate Seal by the end of 2019 and the Plenary Seal by 2020.

These public authority actions are essential to ensure that the elderly population of our State will have an assistance network that is sufficient for their needs, even though this is still a recent policy that is far from supplying the demand of this part of the population – which, it is never too much to call our attention to, tends to continue growing.

Because we are aware that public authority is still far from offering adequate services and equipment for all the elderly of São Paulo, we at the Fundação Britânica have developed our own projects, with the support of private donors, in order to offer activities for the Third Age.

If you would like to join us in this effort, send us a message to learn more about our work.

Together we can take care of those who have done so much for us!