Editorial - Spotlight nº 127 - July, August & September 2019

Lots of the activities occurred in the community during the last few months and are fully covered in this issue which I hope you will enjoy.

We would like to congratulate the British Society team, and Rachel Govier, the chair lady, for an excellent Queens´ Birthday celebration which was enjoyed by almost 300 guests.

I think you all know that the hard copy version of Spotlight is fighting for survival. The reasons are clear and transparent. The British Society has its focus correctly on offering the best possible conditions to the services of the welfare programme, and any other expenditure takes away funds from that programme.

I as editor of Spotlight firmly believe that the hard copy is a vital communication tool and is needed to promote all the activities of the community. On the other hand, we have those that believe that an electronic version can achieve the same ends.

The best administrative decisions in any organization are based on the best information available. We ,in Spotlight and those on the Board are, at the moment, just guessing what our readers really want. We do not know.

I am therefore asking all those who are receiving this copy to answer the following four questions:

A) Do you want to receive any copy of Spotlight?

B) Would you like the electronic version?

C) Continue to receive the hard copy?

D) Are you willing to pay R$100,00 a year for all 4 or 6 copies?

All answers just yes or no.

Those readers which have paid to date , and those that have informed already need not reply. Replies can be by phone +55 11 3813 7080, or by email contact@britishsociety.org.br or by post.

With this information we can make our decision based on facts. Please make an effort to reply as soon as possible, but no later than August 31st. The ball is now in the hands of you readers and it is now up to you to decide. Please remember our calendar and the next deadline is September 7th.

Our proof reader was travelling and we went to press, so any errors found blame the editor! Enjoy this edition.

Derrick Marcus

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