New Home for our Elderly Residents

The BSSP regularly reviews its experiences with the residential homes where our elderly members live, both in terms of quality of life and the related costs.

After Stacey House was closed down, we transferred our residents to Lar Sant’Ana, an excellent establishment but one that became too costly for us.  For the last three years, the residents lived at Lar Elite.  Earlier this month, we transferred them to their new home, Cora Residencial, Campo Belo.  They have six homes distributed throughout  São Paulo

We quote below the core philosophy of Cora Residencial:

“Brazilians are growing older; our families are smaller, and each new generation has more and more tasks to perform.  Ours is a country with a rapidly growing number of elderly people, individuals who, daily, need more care, affection and special attention.

“In these moments of greater care, what really makes a difference is the knowledge that one is not alone.  There is nothing more important than being able to always count on somebody.

“Cora Residencial was designed to handle this scenario.  Our senior residences differ from all the others.  In addition to placing great importance on our residents’ vitality, longevity and wellbeing, we have broken away from the traditional ideas and models of older rest homes.  Our aim is to revolutionise the concept of long-term residence, for which we provide our unique experience in care, affection and welcome.

“Nothing here has been remodelled or adapted.  From their conception to their finish, all details were designed with care and attention to guarantee greater security, good health and comfort for the people you love.  Our corridors and accesses are wide enough to ensure comfortable mobility.  All our residences have a cinema, an ecumenical space, restaurant, solarium and much much more.”

Cora Residencial Campo Belo has a spacious physiotherapy area, full-time medical care and a wide range of activities.  Its ratio of overall care and supervision of residents is one to eight. The BSSP has added full-time carers of its own to look after our residents. All areas are ample, comfortable and well-lit. The building has a large and delightful garden in which residents are encouraged to walk about and sit and enjoy the outdoors.

The building has eight floors and three grades of bedrooms, all of them ensuite. These are for single, double and triple occupancy.

So, the British Society of São Paulo is very happy to announce that, in March, we transferred Gertrude Vigar, Nora Zieminska, David Davies, Geoffrey Moss and Bobby Wood to Residencial Cora in Campo Belo.

Family members and friends are encouraged to visit.  There are no specific visiting hours, so this is extremely flexible.  Paid underground parking is available. Contact details are as shown below:

Cora Residencial Campo Belo

Rua Demóstenes, 748

Campo Belo

04614-030 São Paulo – SP

Tel: (11) 2500-0803

Alison Steel