The Fundação Britânica de Beneficência is awarded the Silver Salver by the City Council of São Paulo

On the evening of February 19, 2018 the Fundação Britânica de Beneficência was awarded the Silver Salver at a Formal Sitting of the São Paulo City Council. This honour was awarded by the initiative of City Councillor Atílio Francisco, whose legislative endeavours are highlighted by sharing with us his concern for the cause of the elderly and in recognition of our 70 years working in this field to the benefit of the city.

The Silver Salver is the highest honour awarded by the São Paulo City Council to organisations that render relevant work for the city. For this to occur, a proposal must be made by one or more city councillors to pay this homage via a draft legislative decree and that this project be approved by the majority of the “paulistano” parliamentarians.   In our case, the proposal was made by City Councillor Atílio Francisco and approved by his peers on December 2017, in accordance with Legislative Decree nº 55/2017. For City Councillor Atílio Francisco, the recognition given to the Fundação that cares for the welfare of so many elderly people is more than deserved.

“This organisation has been present in São Paulo since 1947 rendering social services. It carries out several very important programs for elderly people. When we became aware of this work and the manner in which the Foundation invests in the elderly, we decided to present this award.  I am certain that, as of today, the Fundação will grow even more with this recognition conferred by the City Council.”

At the same City Council Formal Sitting, Gertrude Vigar, a British citizen aged 106, assisted by us, who has lived in São Paulo since she was 45, received the title of Paulistana Citizen, also at the initiative of City Councillor Atílio.

Damaris Vigar, her daughter, who represented her at the Session, thanked the Council for this honour and committed herself to transmitting this affection demonstrated by all to her mother who is an example and inspiration for all of us at Fundação Britânica. Rachel Govier, our Vice President, took the opportunity to speak a little about our relationship with her.

“Gertie lives in a long-term care home. We are giving her full support. We give her the loving care necessary to live her life, and affording her the necessary dignity. There she can enjoy her afternoon tea as a good English lady (laughter). She has her tea, carries on a conversation and likes to receive people to chat. And she still gets up, walks around, and has a good social life.” If you want to see the full speeches, visit our blog: