Editorial - Spotlight nº 120 - May & June 2018

The British Society has a dedicated team of welfare professionals who  focus on assisting community members  in their own homes as well as supporting members who reside in  residential  homes.  An important change relating to the care of our elderly members took place during  March, when  the residents who lived at the Lar Elite  moved  to a new home, Cora Residential in Campo Belo. Details of this change  are covered in the article by Alison Steel on page 4.

During  2017, many readers requested that we continue with the hard copy of Spotlight.  One of the difficulties with this request was the cost of production and delivery.  In order to cover these costs , and to liberate these funds  which could be used for welfare , we decided to make an appeal to all who receive the magazine to contribute R100,00 for a year´s supply of  Spotlight. This amount would fully cover the costs.   To date, the response has been very disappointing , and well below our expectations.   We recognize that the first quarter of the year is difficult, with people  travelling , holidays and the recent problems with delivery of Spotlight, where many did not receive  our magazine at all.  It seems that the situation has improved and we hope that this edition reaches you all on time.

In our previous Spotlights,  we made the appeal for this contribution of R$100,00 , mentioned above, and  included an individual payment slip identifying each reader with a centavo addition.  We are repeating the request in this issue. and hope you will contribute to help us help others.   Please ignore  this if you have made a contribution..

The British Society is working hard  on planning one of the most important events of our Community, the celebration of the birthday of HM the Queen. to  be held on June 21st at the Brazilian British Centre.  This is a great chance to catch up with all those  friends you have  not seen for some time, and enjoy  an evening together.  Mark the date on your calendar.

This year we have the World Cup, and it is a time, when for the period, we forget about corruption, politics and crime, and we experience  thirty days of absolute passion.     A World Cup in Brazil has to be seen to be believed ( not forgetting  the 7-1 last time ) Even those who hate football will be in front of the TV with friends and neighbours with the shirts, flags and the beer, hoping Brazil will not only be in the final but will be taking away the cup...but you might have other ideas !!!

Lots of activities coming up, check out the Community Calendar

Derrick Marcus

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