Editorial - Spotlight nº 125 - March & April 2019

We must apologize to all our readers for the late delivery of the January and February edition of Spotlight.  A number of technical issues arose as well as the traditional year-end problems with our printers which added to our difficulties. We feel we have ironed out the problems and, hopefully, this is the last time I will have to write this note.

The hard copy version of Spotlight versus the on-line digital version has been a subject of concern for some time in relation to the overall costs of the magazine. The British Society recognizes the importance of Spotlight as a means of communication, but feels that if it could liberate these of production costs this would free these funds for the important contribution of welfare help to our community. The decision is that for Spotlight to continue in its present form it has to be self sufficient.

We therefore request that all who wish to receive the hard copy version help us by contributing R100,00 for the calendar year 2019.  This is the same amount that was requested in 2018.  We include an individual payment slip with this issue, identifying each reader with a centavo addition.  If you are a new reader and wish to subscribe, the details are as follows:  Payments in any format to Fundação Britânica de Beneficência. Bradesco: Agência: 78964 Conta: 0000129-5 CNPJ 60.478.344/000-32. Just let us know on 3813-7080 and we will identify a number for you.

Carnival is around the corner and, as we all know, life only begins in Brazil after Carnival, and soon 2019 will be in full swing, so let us enjoy Carnival.

Let’s spare a thought for the people suffering from the various tragic events which have occurred during the last few weeks.

If you want your event to be a success you need to let your public know about it, and what better place than the Spotlight Calendar. It is free and avoids clashes with other events.          

Derrick Marcus

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