Editorial - Spotlight nº 121 - July & August 2018

When you receive this edition, I hope you will have enjoyed one of the annual events of our British community: the celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth´s Birthday organized by the British Society and held at the British Centre. Full coverage and photos will be included in our next edition.

We also might know who is the World Cup football  champion.  As I write before the start of the games in Russia, I am amazed at the lack of interest in the streets.  Where are the cars with flags, and the street decorations? I cannot remember a  pre-World cup time with such a lack of public expression.  Maybe it is a sign of the times. There is one thing I am sure of ,come  the first Brazilian game, and we will all be in front of our TV screens. I  know  I will be.

I continue with our appeal for those who wish to receive the hard copy of Spotlight.   The survival of the hard copy depends on the contributions we receive. So far our appeal for R$100,00 for a years supply continues disappointing.  Remember by supporting Spotlight you will be releasing funds which will be available to help others.

I should like to draw attention that views expressed in articles submitted by contributors do not necessarily reflect those of Spotlight Editorial.

Derrick Marcus

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