Editorial - Spotlight nº 126 - May & June 2019

I hope you all enjoyed the recent celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, organized by the British Society and held at the British and Brazilian Centre. This year the event was anticipated to May. This is one of the more important events of our Cultural Calendar. Full coverage and photos will be included in our next edition.

Once again I must appeal to those that wish to receive the hard copy of Spotlight to contribute R$100,00 for the 2019 editions. If you have any doubt, just call our office where the staff will answer your queries.

We have just been informed by the British Society that the magazine will now be published every three months starting with the July issue. This means we will have four issues per year instead of the current six issues.

I would also ask readers to send in any suggestions for improvements or articles you wish to include. Do you think our magazine has an outdated design and/or lack standards? Two of some of the recent criticisms I have received, and wonder if the readers would agree. We are always ready to improve. One area I really want to improve upon is the quality of the photos that do not always look clear when printed. I do not always have the names of the people in the photos when published, so please, when you send in photos, try and include names as it makes a big difference to the content. I would also like to make it clear that errors have appeared after our proof reader has proof read. These are graphic errors committed after proof reading which we did not pick up. We must apologize to Alison and we are taking steps so that this will not happen again in the future. This edition went to press without got expert  proof reader Alison’s corrections, as she is travelling. If you spot any errors, you can blame the editor.

Lots of events coming up, but not all on our calendar!

Hope you enjoy this edition.

Derrick Marcus

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